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So You’ve decided you want to change and challenge yourself and your habits?

Or maybe you’re looking for a workout plan, personal training or some online training plans?

Whether you’re new and not quite sure where to start, or you’re already underway but struggling to keep workouts fun and motivating, here at T3 I aim to get you on the right path.

With several years of experience in the industry I’ve devised a wide variety of workouts for all goals, whether that be weight loss, muscle growth or simply to feel great!

I want to share my knowledge and training tips to bring you the unforgettable results you’ve been aiming for, whilst keeping the journey both fun and effective!

If you stick with my T3 Training Plans for a period of time, consistently, I can guarantee you results, all it needs is you.

Today is that day you start the journey to making the new and improved you.

Your past no longer defines the future you.

 Invest some time and money in yourself and get ready to start seeing some serious results.

You are Great. We all are. We are all capable of achieving anything we set our minds to.

It’s not easy, if it was, everyone would be getting the results they want.

Staying motivated and focused on your goals for the short, medium and longer term is crucial to seeing results.

At T3 I aim to make it easier for you by giving you the correct tools to see these optimal results.

Sometimes the only thing stopping you reaching the greatness of your goals is you, so no more wasted time, no more confusion, the secret is right here, you’ve already taken the first step, so why not take one more?

T3’s mission

It's never too late

The only person stopping you… is you

It’s never to late to do something for yourself

It’s more than a mission

Turning words into actions

Teddy Treble Training T3

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I understand that we are all different, our goals, what drives us, even our schedules make everyone unique in how we’re able to work on ourselves.

Having worked with a plethora of ages and abilites, I’m we will be able to form a plan together that is realistic yet effective that will get you to where you want to be, while having a few laughs along the way with the appropriate motivation and support.

results driven

What people say?

I have worked with Teddy for just under a year now.

In that time I have found him to be fun motivated and highly professional. He has consistently listened to me and set goals that allow me to progress. Initially my goal was to swim a mile in open water; once this was achieved almost without me noticing, he repurposed me towards weight loss and building fitness.

Now a year on I am 55 kilos lighter and have gone from a dress size 24 to a 10. I am working towards a new goal of swimming 10km.

My sessions continue to be fun and varied and the nutritional advice and support continues to change with my dynamic needs and lifestyle. Getting support with this goal has been a phenomenal decision for me. People keep asking if I feel better in myself. My answer is always the same. I never felt bad but now I feel great, strong and focused and always ready for a new challenge.
"FROM SIZE 24 TO A 10"

And there's more...

T3 services

Lose Weight

The best way to go about a weight loss programme is to take it slowly. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. T3 Training Plans are built with longevity in mind for optimum results.

Build Muscle

To help optimise your muscle build and achieving great results, the use of my T3 plans can help you on your way to bulge those biceps and to protrude those pecks.

Sculpt & Tone

T3 whole body training is tailored to your needs either to lose fat or build muscle - by training with this method we are assuring that we are hitting all aspects of the body.

Stay on Track

To help you optimise the chances of achieving the best results using my T3 Training Plans, each one has a step by step walk through, clearly outlining exactly how to achieve your goals.

The Personal Touch

I first discovered my love for fitness at a very early age, playing football from the age of 3 all the way up to rugby at adult level. Tired of getting thrown around by all my bigger team-mates and the opposition, I turned to the gym to try to excel in my sporting capabilities. Safe to say, I was hooked after finishing my first session...

I want you to get hooked too; to excel, to exceed your goals, to be a better you.

Let's Connect...

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